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A brief history

The small, family-owned Kobidze’s Marani was established in 2014 by Davit and Tariel Kobidze in Erketi in the Guria region of Georgia where the humidity from the nearby Black Sea meets the mountain air from the Caucasus to create an ideal climate for winemaking. The winery itself is sited in the mountains just south of the Supsa River, which flows into the Black Sea. Dato’s Wine produces 6,000 bottles of certified-organic amber, red, white and rosé qvevri wine made with their own Chkhaveri, Aladasturi (which are over 40-years-old), Tsolikauri, Jani, Skhilatubani, Kamuri and Sakmiela varieties under the Dato’s Wine label. The winery is a member of the Natural Wine Association and is committed to on resurrecting “extinct” Gurian varieties.
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Established in 2014