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Akhmeta Wine House was established in 2014 in Akhmeta, an area that has been making wine since the 17th century and which is in the Kakheti region. The owners are Nick Garsevanishvili, who is also the winemaker, and Shalva Koghuashvili. The winery makes 15,000 bottles of certified-organic amber, orange, red and white wines using their own Kisi, Khihvi, Rkatsiteli, Kakhuri Mtsvane, Saperavi, and Kakhuri Mtsvivani varieties. The winery has increased its vineyards from 2 ha to 7 ha. The vines are all certified-organic by the internationally recognized Caucascert organization. Akhmeta Wine House is a member of the Georgian Natural Wine Association and exports to the USA, Japan, Italy, Germany, Austria, Denmark, and other EU countries. The winery also plans to establish a community center for local farmers and producers in the town Akhmeta.
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Established in 2014

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