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A brief history

Georgia boasts over 8000 years of unbroken winemaking tradition, which is why it is known as the cradle of wine. Its geographic position, climate and many indigenous grape varieties offer splendid conditions for the production of premium wines and brandies, like those made under the brand Boisa.

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Boisa Brandy & Wine Rkatsiteli Bottle Preview
Boisa Brandy & WineRkatsiteli

Rkatsiteli is an indigenous Georgian variety, once one of the world’s most widely planted grapevines.

Boisa Brandy & Wine Saperavi Bottle Preview
Boisa Brandy & WineSaperavi

Red dry wine from the indigenous Georgian variety Saperavi, one of the few grape varieties that contain pigment in the flesh of the berry and not just the skins. The must of Saperavi thus appears red right away, while most other red wines don’t get their colour until maceration.