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Marani Sevsamora

3 Wines from 2 Grape Varieties

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Marani Sevsamora Wine 2 Bottle Preview
Marani SevsamoraWine 2

Marani Sevsamora Goruli Mtsvane Bottle Preview
Marani SevsamoraGoruli Mtsvane

Bio-Organic white dry wine, production technology: tradition of Qvevri. A distinctly pronounced, pleasant aroma of honey, quince and field flowers. Soft tannins, pleasant acidity, velvety and long harmonious ending;

Marani Sevsamora Khikhvi Bottle Preview
Marani SevsamoraKhikhvi

Bio-organic white dry wine, distinctly pronounced, ripe fruits and spices; Plentiful body, soft pleasant tannins, velvety and long harmonious ending;