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A brief history

The PI family winery (named after the mathematical symbol: natural, distinctive and irrational) has been making premium natural wine since 2006, although the brand was created in 2020. It is owned and run by Teona Omarashvili and Levan Chichinadze. The winery owns vineyards planted with Saperavi in Akura and Shilda in the Kakheti region from which it makes 3,000 bottles of red wine. An amber wine will be introduced soon. PI wines are produced on wild yeast. They are unfiltered and unprocessed. “Fermentation on wild yeast gives complexity and expression of terroir,” says Teona. The PI winery is part of a proud of a long history of winemaking in the region, stretching back to the 19th century, when the owners’ landowning grandfather made wine in huge, four-tonne qvevri.

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PI family winery PI Saperavi Bottle Preview
PI family wineryPI Saperavi

A lovingly made, juicy Saperavi with a velvety finish.