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The essence of Earth: We combine an age-old Georgian Qvevri tradition with a sustainable modern techniques to produce the finest quality natural wines.
Rosha Cellar

Warehouse in Tbilisi Area

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Established in 2017



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Rosha Anthos Bottle Preview

Light and elegant, with noticeable acidity that provides freshness and lightness on the palate. Fine finish. Balanced and persistent.

Rosha Timothée Bottle Preview

The Qvevri opener or Qveri Wine for beginners: vibrant acidity and full palate, light and airy with a well-defined body.

Rosha Gravitas Kisi-Khikhvi Bottle Preview
RoshaGravitas Kisi-Khikhvi

Delicate balance of two worlds held together in perfect harmony. Two indigenous Kakhetian grape varietals: Kisi - fragile and delicate, and Khikhvi profound in character, on the coarse side. We'd like to think we made this difficult marriage work to the point that Gravitas is one of our most demanded and sought after wines.

Rosha NapaReuli Bottle Preview

Fresh and delicate with medium acidity and a smooth, round finish.

Rosha Vermilion Bottle Preview

Red- fruit, black-berry and sour cherry on the nose with round tannins, vibrant acidity and a smooth, velvety finish.