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A brief history

Rtvelisi is a quality-oriented Georgian winemaking company.

The company was founded by friends who had owned vineyards in Kakheti for years and were engaged in viticulture and winemaking.

Our company produces high quality wine and other alcoholic beverages such as: classic Georgian wine, traditional qvevri wine, sparkling wine, brandy and chacha.

It can be said that the history of Rtvelisi dates back to 1920. It was during this period that the patriarchal cellar was renovated by a company that was passed down from generation to generation. Nowadays Qvevri wine of Rtvelisi company is made in this cellar.

The idea of creating a company arose during one of the harvest. The name Rtvelisi accurately expresses the great tradition of grape picking, joy and respect of vine for Georgians, which has been following Georgians for 8000 years.

The goal of the company was defined from the very first day of its establishment- Establish the name with high quality and unforgettable taste.

Rtvelisi Wine Company has Two Trademarks "RTVELISI" and "VELLEVINE"
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Established in 1920

18 a I. Evdoshvili str.




Rtvelisi Wines

Featured Wines

Rtvelisi RKATSITELI QVEVRI Bottle Preview

Full-bodied, with lots of dried fruits. The aftertaste is supported by firm and ripe tannins.

Rtvelisi MUKUZANI Bottle Preview

Generous ripe mouth-filling fruit on the palate with notes of damson, followed by robust tannins and extended finish

Rtvelisi NAPAREULI Bottle Preview

Smooth and mellow texture, with plenty of fruit, liquorice notes, subtle oak and seamless finish with sweet tannins

Rtvelisi SAPERAVI QVEVRVI Bottle Preview

Rich in aromas of ripe cherries and red berries. It is characterized by light tones of vanilla and is long-lasting.

Rtvelisi KHIKHVI QVEVRI Bottle Preview

The aroma of dry white fruit. Full-bodied, with lots of dried fruits and ripe tannins.