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A brief history

Saguramo Estate was established in 2018 in Saguramo, in the district of Mtskheta in the region of Kartli. Owner/winemaker, Giorgi Tevzadze, makes 8,000 bottles of organic amber, red and white qvevri wines, Goruli Mtsvane, Chinuri, Shavkapito and Tavkveri varieties. The winery wants to reach 30,000 bottles annually and plant a further five ha of vineyards.
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Established in 2018

Mtskheta-Mtianeti, Georgia

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Featured Wines

Saguramo Tevza Shavkapito Bottle Preview
SaguramoTevza Shavkapito

A perfect example of Shavkapito that is true to form on body, flavour and colour characteristics. A red wine from the Kartli region made in the traditional Qvevri fashion, it is classified as natural and vegan and will age nicely over the next 15 years.

Saguramo Tevza Goruli Mtsvane Bottle Preview
SaguramoTevza Goruli Mtsvane

A qvervri amber wine from the Vaziani region within Kartli. Harmoniously balanced with rich dried stone-fruit characters, sweetness and acidity. A natural vegan wine that drinks well young but also has good ageing potential.