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A brief history

Because of the fact that Georgia has a huge winemaking history, producing wine is a great responsibility there. Each bottle produced in the country which is recognized as the birthplace of wine, has to unite unique traditions of winemaking and high quality. This was the main idea of founding Sun Wine.

The founder of the company is 24 years Zurab Mzekalashvili, who was born in a family of winemakers. One of the main goals of the young businessman is to merge ancient wine making traditions with modern technologies. Group of employees which consists of young employees is a guarantee to many innovative ideas.

Mr. Zurab Mzekalashvili inherited vineyards is Kvareli, Kakheti region. Before picking the grapes, vine-growers take care of each bunch accordingly to international standards. Exactly this appears to be a guarantee of the high quality wine. Wine is produced with high-tech Italian technical equipment.

Sun Wine produces 1000 tons of wine annually. Besides the local market, the company is steadily searching for possibilities abroad.

The Company offers customers a lot of innovations. Sun Wine team found out unique ways of label-making: customers can design their own wine labels.

By this time, Sun Wine produces 10 sorts of wine including: Mukuzani, Saperavi, Alazani Valley, Rkatsiteli, Tsinandali and Rose.

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