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A brief history

Tchrebalo Wine Cellar was established in 2019 in the Mkhare region in the districts of Racha, Lechkhumi and Lower Svaneti. Even though the winery was officially founded in 2019, the family has been making wine for generations. Owner Sofia Lekishvili and winemaker Mirian Tchigvaria, make 25,000 bottles of eight organic amber, dry and sweet red and dry and sweet white wines, using Aleksandrouli, Mujuretuli, Dzalshavi, Kabistoni, Usakhelauri, Tsulukidze Tetra, and Tsolikouri varieties.
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Established in 2019

Village Tchrebalo


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Featured Wines

Tchrebalo Wine Cellar Aleksandrouli Bottle Preview
Tchrebalo Wine CellarAleksandrouli

A fruity find. Velvety and luscious - a must try wine.

Tchrebalo Wine Cellar Rachuli Tetra Bottle Preview
Tchrebalo Wine CellarRachuli Tetra

Fresh, fruity and fabulous.

Tchrebalo Wine Cellar Red Naturally Semi Sweet Wine. Bottle Preview
Tchrebalo Wine CellarRed Naturally Semi Sweet Wine.

Khvanchkara is distinguished by its dark ruby color. It is full of gentle tones of strawberry, raspberry, and wild berries. Long pleasant finish, harmonious, sharply expressed bouquet full of varietal tones makes its taste unforgettable.