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TSV Estate offers a collection of wine varietals with methods of wine-making that are unique to Georgia
– the factual homeland of wine.Tika Svanidze Vancko Estate Winery offers a wide variety of distinct Georgian wine varietals. Every wine bottle tells a story from ancient Georgian wine-making culture and history. Wine bottles offer a glimpse of a country where wine was first invented.

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TSV Estate Winery Kisi Qvevri Bottle Preview
TSV Estate WineryKisi Qvevri

The unique and rare grape variety - Kisi is one of the best for making table and dessert wines. Amber dry wine is made from Kisi grape variety grown in the village of Kistauri, Akhmeta district, made in a Qvevri (Georgian traditional clay vessel), in Georgian traditional method. The wine has a light amber color. It is characterized by fruit and dried fruit aromas, with harmonious and sot balanced taste. The wine pairs well with fish, white meat and vegetables. It is recommended to enjoy it cooled to 12°C – 14°C . Store at 5°C - 18°C. Vintage 2020 Alc. 13% / 750 ml

TSV Estate Winery Saperavi Bottle Preview
TSV Estate WinerySaperavi

Saperavi Qvevri is produced from ancient grape variety “Saperavi”, by traditional method-full fermentation on chacha and 2 month aging in Qvevri, which is a handmade clay vessel made according to centuries old traditions in Georgia. The wine is of pomegranate color, with purple hints. Aromas of blackberry, cherry, wild berry and plum give the wine its individuality. Wine may have natural sediments. It is recommended to enjoy it cooled to 16°C – 18°C . Store at 5°C - 18°C.

TSV Estate Winery Saperavi Didgori 900 Bottle Preview
TSV Estate WinerySaperavi Didgori 900

Saperavi is an ancient Georgian wine variety. Saperavi is the best representative of the assortment of red vine varieties and exceptionally high quality red dry wine is made from it. The wine is made by Georgian traditional method in Qvevri from Saperavi grape variety grown in Kvareli, Kakheti region. The wine is characterized by a dark ruby color and harmonious tones of red fruit.

TSV Estate Winery White Wine Blend King's Favorite Bottle Preview
TSV Estate WineryWhite Wine Blend King's Favorite

Dry amber wine “King’s Favourite” is produced from four Georgian grape varieties – Rkatsiteli, Kisi, Khikhvi and Kakhetian Mtsvane, by traditional method – full fermentation on chacha and 6-month aging in a Kvevri, which is a handmade clay vessel made according to centuries old traditions in Georgia. The grapes are grown in Georgia, namely, in Kakheti, in the Alazani and Iori valleys, in the vineyards of the villages of Velistsikhe, Vazisubani, Kardenakhi and Manavi. The grapes are picked by hand and the best bunches are selected. The wine is of amber colour, with aromas of dried fruit and full body. It is recommended to enjoy it cooled to 14 C. Store at +5 - +18 C. Harvest 2019 Alc. 12.5% / 750 ml Bottled in 21.12.20