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A brief history

In 2018, Rusudan Zerakidze founded the Zenishi winery (the name is a pormanteau of the Zerakidze family name and “nishi”, Georgian for miracle) in the village of Khashmi in the region of Kakheti, where it makes 15,000 bottles of amber and red wine made in qvevri, using Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Kakhuri Mtsvane and Tsolikouri varieties. The winery aims to double its prouduction the coming years. Zenishi exports to the USA, a market for which it has a separate “Qvevri” design label.
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Established in 2018




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Zenishi Zenishi Saperavi Khashmi Bottle Preview
ZenishiZenishi Saperavi Khashmi

A top notch dry red qvevri wine oozing with berry and cherry notes.

Zenishi Zenishi Rkatsiteli Bottle Preview
ZenishiZenishi Rkatsiteli

A classy dry white wine with inviting citrus and honey aromas. Made using traditional and modern Qvevri methods with only the best Rkatsiteli grapes.