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A brief history

I am Zhuka (Tako Zhuruli), winemaker, my husband is Sano (Zurab Sanodze) _ here's a name of our winery: Zhuka-Sano Wine Cellar. This is a small family winery.
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Established in 2017

Telavi, vill. Ruispiri



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Zhuka-Sano Wine "Mistake"  Amber, Dry Natural wine Bottle Preview
Zhuka-Sano Wine"Mistake" Amber, Dry Natural wine

This wine is exclusive because it was supposed to be red, but we got the doses wrong and the wine turned out amber. That's why his name is "MISTAKE". So this bottling is an isolated case, an exclusive wine. It is made from two varieties of grapes _ Rkatsiteli white and Ikaltos tsiteli red, the rarest kind.

Zhuka-Sano Wine Rkatsiteli Orange, Dry, Natur wine. Bottle Preview
Zhuka-Sano WineRkatsiteli Orange, Dry, Natur wine.

We have small organic vineyard of Rkatsiteli. It is located between the Caucasus and Gombor Ranges. There is a lot of sun and a fresh climate, the vineyard is not watered and not ploughed, we take care of it manually and only with bio-medicines. We harvest at the beginning of October, Brix of 23%.

Zhuka-Sano Wine Ikaltos tsiteli-Rkatsiteli Red, Dry Natural Wine Bottle Preview
Zhuka-Sano WineIkaltos tsiteli-Rkatsiteli Red, Dry Natural Wine

This is a special wine. It is made from our small organic vineyard, with only three units of the oldest and rarest Ikaltos tsiteli grapes. The juice of these three grapes is the main character of this wine, from which the wine takes a very intense color and aroma.