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A brief history

Churi Chinebuli was established in 2017 by Giorgi Kvirikadze in the village of Meore Sviri in the district of Zestaphoni, part of the Imereti region. The winery makes 25,000 bottles of certified-organic amber, red, white and rosé wines in qvevri and stainless steek tanks, using Tsolikouri, Mtsvane, Tsitska, Krakhuna, Otskhanuri Sapere and Ojaleshi varieties. The winery has wone two medals at the Decanter Wine Awards.

Churi Chinebuli Wines

Featured Wines

Churi Chinebuli Ojaleshi Krakhuna by Churi Chinebuli Bottle Preview
Churi ChinebuliOjaleshi Krakhuna by Churi Chinebuli

A bold winemaker experiment – the unique combination of white Krakhuna and red Ojaleshi grapes - it’s gained wide recognition among wine experts and is an ideal summer wine.

Churi Chinebuli Otskhanuri Sapere by Churi Chinebuli Bottle Preview
Churi ChinebuliOtskhanuri Sapere by Churi Chinebuli

A full-bodied dry red wine made from Otskhanuri Sapere grapes, one of the oldest varieties in Georgia, with a history of cultivation over millennia – notably associated with the Colchian culture that developed in Western Georgia during the second millennium B.C.

Churi Chinebuli Krakhuna - Mtsvane by Churi Chinebuli Bottle Preview
Churi ChinebuliKrakhuna - Mtsvane by Churi Chinebuli

This blend of two native varieties of white grape is the most perfect union of the fresh, leafy and flowery notes characteristic of Mtsvane and the rich tropical fruits, lime and pear aromas typical of Krakhuna. Ellegant yet racy.

Churi Chinebuli Krakhuna by Churi Chinebuli Bottle Preview
Churi ChinebuliKrakhuna by Churi Chinebuli

An extraordinary dry white wine made from the Krakhuna variety of grape typical of Western Georgia.