Floral and orchard aromas follow through to ripe cherry and subtle oak tones.


The excellent texture and well-balanced taste of the wine is due to the varietal characteristics of the Saperavi grape. The wine is rich in berry fruit characteristics, cherry tones and full tannins.

Growing Conditions

Akido Mukuzani is a dry red AOC wine made with locally grown Saperavi grapes from the Mukuzani micro-viticulture area of Georgia ‘s Kakheti region. The vineyard is 19 hectares, sits 450mtrs above sea level, and is moderately humid and warm. The temperature was 30-35 ᴼC during July-August which facilitated the yield of quality grapes which was approximately 130,000 kg.


As there is a high demand on Mukuzani as a wine of appellation of controlled origin (AOC), the quality of the grapes is controlled mostly by the Government. Due to the moderately warm summer and autumn, the degree of ripeness of the grapes rises by early/mid September and harvesting time is scheduled around this.


The grapes were harvested and processed in the morning. Maceration was extended during 6 days at low temperature and followed under controlled fermentation conditions. After its completion, the liquid was left with the solid parts of the grapes again for 10 days, which enriched the maximum wine extract with the varietal characteristics of the grapes. The winery has two winemakers: chief winemaker George Datukishvili and winemaker Theofane Sigua.


The new wine was transferred to 225 litre French barrels, where the wine passed secondary fermentation and a double purification process. After being left on oak for 6 months, the wine was transferred into stainless steel tanks where it underwent cold stabilisation.


The wine is an attractive dark raspberry colour with dark crimson hue.

Food Pairing

Grilled meat, game, and medium flavoured cheeses.