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A brief history

Wine “Gileni” is a dream come true of four generations. Winemaking and love of viticulture was introduced to the founder of winery “Gileni”, Tornike Khvitia, by his grandfather in his early childhood. The wisdom and experience of the grandfather had been transforming into an idea for years and finally in 2003, on the gracious land of Kakheti, the Khvitia family has started cultivating vineyards.
The founder’s desire was his children to continue this path and symbolically, he named the winery - “Gileni”, which reflects initials of his three children's first names. Based on family traditions, “Gileni” is made with unique technology and unites generations. In the future, the descendants will continue the work initiated by the ancestors and follow the tradition of winemaking scattered in legends.

Currently, our family owns 30 HA vineyards, where we are cultivating several sorts of grapes; And we are still keeping on the expansion of our vines. All our employees are socially vulnerable people and refugees, who live in Sagarejo. We try to create inclusive environment for all.
Our winery is entirely oriented on the export. “Gileni” wine cellar uses modern methods and continues to embed the newest technologies. Today it is fully equipped with European plants.
We pay great attention to defend Georgian wine culture and traditions and together with modern technology, have created a wine experience you will be proud to sell. We believe that combination of experiences, traditions and modern technologies is the best way of preparing exceptional wines.

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Established in 2003

17 Kostava str., Sagarejo, Georgia
Kakheti, Georgia


Gileni Wines

Featured Wines

Gileni Pirosmani-Red Semi dry Bottle Preview
GileniPirosmani-Red Semi dry

Pirosmani-Red Semi dry wine. Produced in Kakheti region, from the Saperavi grape variety. Wine is red in color, with soft and harmonious bouquet and with flavor of fruits.

Gileni Saperavi-European Style Bottle Preview
GileniSaperavi-European Style

A dry, rich, red wine made from the Saperavi grape variety, grown in Kakheti region of eastern Georgia. A powerfully, deeply-colored wine, it expresses deep tones of ripe cherries. This Saperavi is full-bodied and rich, with supple tannins and a long, satisfying taste.

Gileni Mukuzani Bottle Preview

An appellation-controlled, barrel-selected dry red wine made from the Saperavi grape variety, which is cultivated in the region of Kakheti, in the Mukuzani micro zone. This deeply-colored, dark ruby color expresses the essence of Saperavi: black currant, ripe cherry, and dark chocolate flavors mingle with hints of tobacco, vanilla and spices. The wine has an intense, energetic, firm tannic structure and long finish.

Gileni Alazani Valley-White Semi Sweet Bottle Preview
GileniAlazani Valley-White Semi Sweet

Semi-sweet white wine made from the Rkatsiteli grape variety, cultivated in the region of Kakheti, in eastern Georgia. This delightful, straw-colored wine exhibits aromas of wildflowers and ripe fruits. On the palate, it is soft and easy to drink, with a delightful balance of fruitiness and freshness.

Gileni Alazani Valley-Red Semi Sweet Bottle Preview
GileniAlazani Valley-Red Semi Sweet

A semi-sweet red wine, made from the Saperavi grape variety, cultivated in the region of Kakheti, in eastern Georgia. With its bright ruby color, and fresh, fruit aromas of cherries and blackberries, this off-dry wine is soft and easy to drink, with a delightful balance of fruitiness and freshness.

Gileni Aguna-Rose Semi dry Bottle Preview
GileniAguna-Rose Semi dry

This semi-dry rose wine is made from the Rkatsiteli and Saperavi grape varieties, grown in Kakheti region, in eastern Georgia. This light pink colored wine is characterized by its gentle bouquet of spring flowers. The palate is silky and round ending with rose petal and well balanced aftertaste.