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6 Wines from 5 Grape Varieties

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Naberauli Wines Aleksandrouli Bottle Preview
Naberauli WinesAleksandrouli

One of the flagship varieties of Racha region. Earthly notes combined with aromas of forest berries followed with a hint of spices and chocolate. Dry, dense and complex structure with strong mouthfeel and acidity develops in an elegant, velvety, long finish on the palate. Perfect for aging.

Naberauli Wines Saperavi-Dzelshavi Bottle Preview
Naberauli WinesSaperavi-Dzelshavi

This wine is dry on the palate, with rich creamy and fruity notes such as well ripened cherries, followed with a touch of prunes and berry aromas. Wine is subtle on taste with pleasant acidity and well expressed mineral tones. Well structured and silky finish makes the sensation long-lasting.

Naberauli Wines Tvishi Bottle Preview
Naberauli WinesTvishi

Very special terroir wine from a sloping vineyard in Okureshi village. Geography and micro-climate is best revealed in this medium-sweet white PDO wine, with lush tropical fruit and white pit fruit aromas.

Naberauli Wines Tsolikouri Bottle Preview
Naberauli WinesTsolikouri

Fresh tropical fruit-forward aroma profile with mouthwatering acidity and good, round texture.

Naberauli Wines Rachuli Mtsvane Bottle Preview
Naberauli WinesRachuli Mtsvane

Utterly unique and limited grape varieties, which is being revived by the winery. You can either consume it now or hold it for aging.

Naberauli Wines Khvanchkara Bottle Preview
Naberauli WinesKhvanchkara

One of the historically flagship wines of the Georgian winemaking, which has a typical characteristics of the Appellation. Comes in limited volumes.