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A brief history

Oda was established in 2016 in Martvili in the region of Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti by Ketevan Ninidze, a fervent proponent of “terroir” wines (and an equally enthusiastic advocate of cultural, historical and social issues relating to her country and the region). The winery makes 6,000 bottles of organic amber, red and rosé wines using Ojaleshi, Orbeluri Ojaleshi, Dzelshavi and Tsolikouri varieties in qvevri and steel tanks. Oda has pioneered wines from Megrelia and Lechkhumi and wants to plant vineyards with Ojaleshi from Samegrelo and Guria, as well as Tchvitiluri, Jani and other rare grape varieties.
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Established in 2016




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Oda Oda Tsolikouri Bottle Preview
OdaOda Tsolikouri

A natural and unfiltered dry amber wine made in the traditional Qvevri fashion by female winemaker, Keto Ninidze. Only 600 bottles produced.

Oda Oda Orbeluri Ojaleshi Bottle Preview
OdaOda Orbeluri Ojaleshi

A natural, unfiltered, dry red wine crafted by by female winemaker, Keto Ninidze, using grapes harvested from a small family based organic vineyard in the village of Orbeli. Less than 450 bottles produced.

Oda Oda Naked Ojaleshi Rosé Bottle Preview
OdaOda Naked Ojaleshi Rosé

A natural and unfiltered dry rose wine crafted by female winemaker, Keto Ninidze, using organically grown grapes from her small family vineyard. Only less than 500 bottles produced.