Dry Fruits, Marmalade.


Caramelized Fruit, Dry Fruits.

Growing Conditions

Sesikeli is located in the rich Alazani River Valley in Georgia’s famous Kakheti region, which is known for its history of winemaking. The vineyard is situated with views of the stunning Caucasus Mountains, where local grape varietals are cultivated.


Grapes are from the Tsinandali micro-zone and harvested by hand.


Wine is bottled after aging by hand.


The wine is handmade and limited in quantities. It is naturally fermented and aged in a large clay vessel called “Qvevri”. The process lasts 6-month and during this time grape’s skin contacts and filtrates naturally in Qvevri. After that, wine is aged in sealed Qvevri.


Wine is aged in sealed Qvevris for 2 - 3 years.


Wine gets amber (orange) color and tannins for our Rkatsiteli.

Food Pairing

It pairs well with grilled meat, pasta, poultry, fish and the list goes on.