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A brief history

Family wine cellar in the center of Kakheti region, Village Vazisubani - "Vardiashvili Family Wine Cellar", legal name - "Vardiashvili Family Wine" Ltd. Viticulture and winemaking are the traditional activities of Vardiashvili family, which has been going on for about 60 years. During this period, family’s technological approach has been gradually improving in these fields. Nowadays, the Vardiashvili family produces unique, natural handmade wines in limited quantities, which are already well-known in the internal market of natural wine in Georgia. However, Vardiashvili family’s goal and mission is to export wines and thus, present the 8000 years old tradition and methods of Georgian winemaking to the world, with the unique natural Georgian wines made in our ancient wine cellar.

With many decades of special interest and enthusiasm in viticulture and winemaking, continuous refinement of methodology and technology, constant pursuit of quality and taste, and accumulation of experience, Vardiashvili Wine Cellar offers all wine-loving people unique wines created and aged with Georgian traditional experienced technology. Vardiashvili’s wines with their harmonious aromas and velvety tastes clearly tells the ancient 8000-year history and tradition of Georgian wine.

The word "Vardiashvili", which is the surname of this family, in Georgian language means as follows - "VARDI" - rose; "SHVILI" - son. Traditionally, the Vardiashvili family has always been associated with roses throughout the village, as there were many roses in the yard of their house, and one rose was always planted at the top of every row of Vardiashvili’s vineyard. This is exactly why the brand name is "Vardiashvili" - The Son of Roses, even though the wine production process DOES NOT HAVE any connection with roses at that family wine factory.

The fact that one rose was planted at the top of each row of Vardiashvili vineyard had different purposes. One of them is that the rose is structurally most similar to a vine. Moreover, the rose is relatively more susceptible to diseases than the vine. Our ancestors constantly observed the rose planted at the top of the vineyard. If it was noticed that the rose was suffering from any disease, it meant that the vine was also in danger and the viticulturists was starting to prevent the disease.

Vardiashvili family’s ancient wine cellar and vineyards are located in the village of “Vazisubani” (The name of this village means “Vine District” in Georgian language). The region is “Kakheti” (village Vazisubani is located into the center of this region) - eastern region of Georgia, worldwide known as the Wine Region (Winemaking Region). Out of 530 different local grape varieties in Georgia, the largest proportion - 89 are located in Kakheti. There are also 24 strictly controlled micro-zones (PDO) of winemaking in Georgia. Wines with origins, with special, distinctive characteristics are made from the grapes grown in each of these micro-zones. Thanks to the special, rich features of the land of Kakheti region, 18 of them are here.

Vardiashvili Family’s ancient vineyards (Rkatsiteli Vineyard around 80 years old; Saperavi - 30;) are located in the center of 2 strictly controlled winemaking micro-zones (PDOs) – “Mukuzani“ and “Vazisubani“. These terroirs have a very small area and include a certain segment of land in only a few villages radius. Due to the special features of the “Mukuzani” micro-zone, the Saperavi grapes with the unique characteristics and special quality is grown here, from which the unique red dry wine is made. Excellent amber dry wine is made from Rkatsiteli grapes ripened in “Vazisubani” micro-zone. The grapes grown in Rkatsiteli vineyard located in this terroir is especially high in natural sugar and rich in flavors.

The chief winemaker of Vardiashvili Wine Cellar is Amiran Vardiashvili. He has been leading the field of viticulture and winemaking for almost 30 years. During this period, his main focus was development. He was gradually gaining new experiences, techniques and knowledge in his field of activity.
According to him, the vineyard, vines and grapes need precious care like a newborn baby. It is with this attitude and mindset that Amiran Vardiashvili has been growing different varieties of grapes in his own vineyard for 30 years and has been making unique wines with sophisticated and experienced technology and full compliance with Georgian traditional methods of winemaking.

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Vardiashvili Family Wine Company Saperavi Qvevri Bottle Preview
Vardiashvili Family Wine CompanySaperavi Qvevri

Unique Georgian red dry Qvevri wine - Saperavi Qvevri, from Appellation "Mukuzani". Flavors of ripe red and black berries, especially blackberry, dark pomegranate color, moderate ripe tannins, full-bodied structure, and rich character.

Vardiashvili Family Wine Company Mukuzani Bottle Preview
Vardiashvili Family Wine CompanyMukuzani

Red dry wine made from unique Saperavi grapes grown in a small winemaking micro-zone (PDO) "Mukuzani". The grapes for "Mukuzani" Vardiashvili are fermented in Qvevri in full compliance with Georgian traditional technology, but wine is aged in French oak barrels. The wine is characterized by dark pomegranate color, soft, velvety taste, aromas of ripe blackberry and other berries. Full-bodied structure. The touch of wine with oak gives the wine a special, harmonious taste and vanilla tones, which is pleasantly mixed with ripe, soft tannins.

Vardiashvili Family Wine Company Rkatsiteli Qvevri Bottle Preview
Vardiashvili Family Wine CompanyRkatsiteli Qvevri

Unique Georgian amber dry Qvevri wine - Rkatsiteli Qvevri, from Appellation "Vazisubani". Flavors of ripe white and amber fruit, rich taste, including slightly felt dried fruit and caramel tones. Intensive amber crystalline color, moderate ripe tannins, full-bodied structure, and rich character. The wine is balanced by moderate acidity.