It is distinguished by pleasant, lively aromas of melon, yellow fruits and dried fruits.


Characterised by balanced acidity, refined body and tannins.

Growing Conditions

Tsitska belongs to the group of native Imereti vine varieties from the West of Georgia. The 25 year old vineyard is located on the slightly sloping north-eastern side of Tsiv-Gombori. Tsitska grows well within the districts of Imereti due to the relatively elevated location of the territory and its mountainous terrain which is perfect for the more delicate style of Tsitska.


Tsitska is a late ripening variety and within the Imereti districts, grapes are fully ripe from the second half of October. Among the Imereti vine varieties, Tsitska undoubtedly occupies the first place both in terms of yield and product quality. Tsitska yields vary considerably according to location, soil properties, nutrition, land formation and annual weather conditions. Under normal growing conditions, the average yield is 5,000 - 6,000kg, whilst in optimal harvest years, yields can reach as high as 10,000kg.


The grapes were harvested in the cool morning hours and pressed immediately. This amber, Imeretian wine is a classic example of this style and is made using the traditional Georgian method of a clay vessel. After the grapes are crushed, the juice is transferred to the Qvevri (clay vessel) and mixed several times during the day. After the fermentation, the wine is left on Chacha (ie. in the Qveri) for approximately 6-7 months.


After the Spring, the wine is ready for bottling. After 3-6 years the wine shows it's best. With age, it develops a strong bouquet.


The wine has an attractive amber colour.

Food Pairing

Serve with fish or lamb (even better, mutton).