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A brief history

Bagrationi considers his mission in 1882 to make a worthy contribution to the centuries-old tradition of Georgian winemaking. The unique legacy of our company underscores the merits of the great nineteenth-century figure, Ivan Bagration-Mukhranbatoni, who revived winemaking on his own estate, Mukhrani, and in addition to quiet wines.

Bagrationi 1882 Vineyards are located in the regions of Kartli, Kakheti and Imereti, in the traditional wine-growing zones and total a high-level viticulture area of ​​150 hectares. Bagrationi 1882 main enterprise is located in Tbilisi, in a historical building, which is an architectural masterpiece, and is equipped with the latest technical equipment and management systems. Bagrationi has received numerous medals and prizes at prestigious international wine exhibitions and competitions since 1882. Almost half a century later, Bagrationi 1882 is the most popular brand of sparkling wines not only in Georgia but throughout the Caucasus, and it is widely known in the countries of the former Soviet Union.
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Established in 1937

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