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A brief history

Nestled among rolling hills and lush green valleys of Kakheti region Chateau Buera is a gem of Lopota Lake Resort and Spa.

Creation of Chateau in the heart of the resort was an idea of Goga Maisuradze - a visionary who stood behind an immense project of creating a hotel around the lake on a desolate terrain; which later contributed vastly to the invigoration of the Kakheti region as a whole, turning it into one of the most sought after touristic destinations.
Goga was not only a businessman with a clear vision but also a passionate wine entrepreneur who put a tremendous effort in developing Georgian viticulture and allowing exceptional terroir of Kakheti region to express the finesse that had made the reputation of its wines.
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Chateau Buera Rkatsiteli Reserve Bottle Preview
Chateau BueraRkatsiteli Reserve

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Chateau BueraSaperavi Qvevri