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A brief history

Mtevino was established in 2018 in the village of Khashmi, part of the Sagaejo district in the region of Kakheti. The winery has 10 ha of vineyards planted with Rkatsiteli, Khashmi Saperavi and Mtsvane varieties. The winery makes 11 different wines in two different styles: the “classical” European method – three reds, two medium sweet reds, one white and one medium sweet white – and the traditional Georgian method in qvevri – three whites and one red.
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Established in 2018


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Mtevino Mtevino Mtsvane Qvevri Bottle Preview
MtevinoMtevino Mtsvane Qvevri

Made with the Kakhuri Mtsvane grape variety using the Georgian traditional method of winemaking in Qvevri.

Mtevino Rkatsiteli Qvevri Bottle Preview
MtevinoRkatsiteli Qvevri

The wine is made of Rkatsiteli grape by using the traditional Georgian method of wine making in Qvevri. The wine has dark amber colour. Characterised by tones of the dry fruit, exotic spices and harmonious taste.

Mtevino Khikhvi Bottle Preview

The wine is made from Khikhvi grapes grown in the Kakheti region, has a greenish-yellow color, a harmonious taste with lively acidity, and a pleasant aroma of tropical fruits and citrus flowers.

Mtevino Rkatsiteli Bottle Preview

The wine is made of Rkatsiteli grape variety planted in Kakheti Region. It has light straw color. Distinguished by the pleasant fruit tones and cheerful, harmonious taste.

Mtevino Kindzmarauli Bottle Preview

Appelacion controlled red, naturally medium sweet wine of origin. It is made of selected Saperavi grape variety, grown in Kakheti Region, Kindzmarauli micro zone. It has dark pomegranate color. Domains black currant and blackberry tones in varieties flavor. Distinguished by the feathery, harmonious taste.

Mtevino Saperavi Khashmi Bottle Preview
MtevinoSaperavi Khashmi

Appelacion controlled red wine is produced in Kakheti Region by Saperavi grape, grown in Khashmi micro zone. The wine has dark ruby color. Characterized with the distinct varieties avor and perfect velvet bouquet. Served with : Meat, cheese and vegetables