The wine is characterised by a harmonious blend of dry fruit and exotic spices.


Citrus and dried fruits with a gentle tannic finish.

Growing Conditions

The vineyard is located at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level in the village of Manavi (Manavi micro zone), Sagarejo Region, Kakheti. Here the soil is meadow brown (old alluvial-deluvial soil). The climate is moderately humid, with moderately cold winters and warm long summers.


The harvest was held at the end of September with a yield of 7tons per hectare. The grapes were selectively hand-harvested in the vineyard with the best bunches being transported in special 10 kg boxes to the cellar. Grapes were pressed and placed into Qvevry (the huge clay vessels which has predominated the Georgian winemaking tradition for the past 8000 years).


After 6 months from the harvest, the sealed Qvevry is opened. The best was wines were selected and bottled in August 2020 year.


The period of alcoholic fermentation in Qvevri lasts for 17 days, after this period the clay vessels are filled and sealed.


The wine remains in Qvevry with all grape content (skins, seeds etc) for 6 month. This positively promotes the aromas, colour and wine structure.


Dark amber in colour.

Food Pairing

Served with vegetable, cheese and meat.