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A brief history

Our company – Wine Art Ltd was established by two friends with extensive experience in different industries such as banking, commodity finance, telecom, healthcare and real estate. Since the beginning in 2013 we are involved in organic winemaking producing natural wine under the brand name Ethno (Ethno wines).

The wine produced is 100pct estate grown on about 28ha of vineyards and land plots, located in 3 different regions of Kakheti – Khashmi, Manavi and Shilda. We grow the following grape varieties: Saperavi, Budeshuri Saperavi, Kakhuri Mtsvane, Rkatsiteli, Kisi and Khikhvi. A part of our production is certified as organic by the certifier Caucassert as of the 2019 vintage and the rest is currently under conversion to organic farming.

We continue to grow our business and in 2020 we have committed to further investments in our business.

Fresh new investments are spent to accomplish our ambitious project - a new winery in Manavi where ancient and modern wine making methods will meet to produce quality natural wines. Rammed earth is used a construction material, fully in line with our philosophy and environmentally friendly approach. UK based architects ware hired to develop the project and Belgium based company BC Materials as a professionals to assist us in conducting construction with rammed earth technology - new for our region.

Our current production capacity is about 25000 bottles per year which is planned to increase to about 120000 bottles within 5 years. Our export markets are France, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway and the USA.
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Established in 2015

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Featured Wines

Ethno Wines Ethno Kakhuri Mtsvane - Rkatsiteli Bottle Preview
Ethno WinesEthno Kakhuri Mtsvane - Rkatsiteli

Dry amber wine - result of co-fermentation of two grape varieties Kakhuri Mtsvane and Rkatsiteli. True expression of terroir.

Ethno Wines Ethno Khikhvi - Kakhuri Mtsvane Bottle Preview
Ethno WinesEthno Khikhvi - Kakhuri Mtsvane

Dry amber wine fermented and matured in kvevri. Wine is a result of blending two wine variety Khikhvi and Kakhuri Mtsvane.

Ethno Wines Ethno Rkatsiteli Bottle Preview
Ethno WinesEthno Rkatsiteli

Dry amber wine made from single grape variety - Rkatsiteli. WIne was fermented and matured in Kvevri for 7 months.

Ethno Wines Ethno Saperavi Khashmi Bottle Preview
Ethno WinesEthno Saperavi Khashmi

Ethno Saperavi dry red wine fermented and matured in kvevri.