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A brief history

Koncho & Co was established in 2001 in Kvarelil in the region of Kakheti. Winemaker, Nugzar Ksovreli, makes 1 million bottles of amber, dry and sweet red, dry and sweet white and dry and sweet rosé wines made in the “classical” method and in qvevri, using Saperavi, Aleksadreuli, Merlot, Kisi, Mtsvane Kakhuri, Mtsvivani Kakhuri, Khikhvi, Rkatsiteli and Muscat from their own vineyards As of 2020, Koncho exports to the former Soviet Republics, the rest of Europe, the USA, Canada, Japan and China.
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Established in 2001




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Featured Wines

Koncho & Co Koncho Mtsvivani Kakhuri Bottle Preview
Koncho & CoKoncho Mtsvivani Kakhuri

Using a very rare Georgian varietal, this is a very smooth and well balanced wine – a little treasure!

Koncho & Co Saperavi Premium Bottle Preview
Koncho & CoSaperavi Premium

The wine Saperavi Premium is made by the grapes from the best and old vineyards of specific viniculture microzone of Kvareli, Kelibardebi.

Koncho & Co Koncho Orange Bottle Preview
Koncho & CoKoncho Orange

Koncho Orange is rich, its silky texture is backed by a nice bit of acidity, characterized by a long finish.

Koncho & Co Kvareli Special Reserve Bottle Preview
Koncho & CoKvareli Special Reserve

The wine Kvareli Special Reserve is made by the grapes from the best and old vineyards of specific viniculture microzone of Kvareli.

Koncho & Co Saperavi Qvevri Bottle Preview
Koncho & CoSaperavi Qvevri

Saperavi Qvevri is pomegranate colored with well-expressed sort of aroma, in which the tones of cherry and French plum match harmoniously with the pleasant tones of cinnamon.

Koncho & Co Koncho Black Bottle Preview
Koncho & CoKoncho Black

Dark cherry-colored wine has intense aromas of ripe blackberries and black currant alongside hints of chocolate.