The wine is pomegranate colored with well-expressed sort of aroma, in which the tones of cherry and French plum match harmoniously with the pleasant tones of cinnamon.


The wine leaves the pleasant acerbity in the mouth cavity; herewith it does not decrease the common harmoniousness of the wine.

Growing Conditions

Saperavi is spread on Duruji Valley, where the soil is rich with black slates, the complex of Caucasus south ranges and the river create unique conditions which are so important as for the vine resuscitation as well as for the high quality of the final product - wine.


6-7 ton on hectare.


The closure of the wine is natural cork.


Traditionally method fermentation in Qvevri with must and steam until the complete fermentation, then malo-lactic fermentation until the first heat of spring, until March of following year. Afterwards wine aged in oak barrels.


Wine is aged in Qvevri with a traditional method.


The wine is pomegranate colored.

Food Pairing

An optimal temperature for drinking 17-19°C. The wine goes well with all kinds of meat dishes and aged cheese.