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A brief history

Kardanakhi Estate is wine and hospitality brand owned by RC Kakheti. RC Kakheti - we are wine cellars from Tsarapi microzone, Kardenakhi village of Georgia. Our wine cellars date back to 1899-1904. Recent restoration and renovation works were done in 2020-21, the buildings were preserved to keep their authenticity and wine production facilities have been equipped with modern machinery while keeping centuries old Kakhetian traditional winemaking technology.

Currently we produce 8 different wine varieties. Most of them are produced with Kakhetian traditional winemaking technology that means full fermentation and maceration on grape skin in Qvevri. Besides wines we offer fortified wines (portwine) based on Tsarapi (Rkatsiteli) and Khikhvi aged in Caucasian Oak casks.