Gritty, ripe pear, dried fruit and dried flower aromas are distinct on the nose.


A solidly built palate with a fresh, popping finish. It has a good finish due to bright acidity and velvety tannins.

Growing Conditions

Koncho and Company owns the best vineyards in the classic / traditional microzones of Kindzmarauli and Kvareli viticulture. The vineyards are laid out in the valleys / on the land plots where the Duruji River used to run, so the soil is very rich in black shale, with a high concentration of carbonates below the depth of 8-10m from the earth’s surface, which completely distinguishes the wines of Koncho and Company from all others. These vineyards were planted in 2007 on the special terroir of ‘Kindzmarauli’ at the riverbank of Duruji Valley.


Grapes are hand-picked at optimum maturity in October, being harvested when the dawn hardly reaches the vineyard parcel to keep the grapes fresh before vinification. Bunches are transported carefully within small 20kg boxes.


The wine undergoes one-time filtration process, bottled by gravitational bottling method and uses natural cork as its closure.


The wine is fermented in 2-ton Qvevri vessels, and the vinification process is carried out with grape skin and stem contact. Traditional wine fermentation both alcoholic and malolactic is spontaneous, giving the wine authentic and distinct varietal character which comes from this special indigenous grape variety. Maturation takes place whilst the wine is left on the grape skins and stems for 6 months. The wine’s maturation is prolonged for a further 9 months in 4 ton oak casks The winemaker is young but talented, Vano Shiukashvili.


The wine was matured in 2 ton Qvevri vessels for 6 months and then for a further 9 months in 4 ton oak casks. The final touch of ageing takes place in the bottle before release to market.


Clear, rich, honey colour.

Food Pairing

Grilled meat, rabbit and vegetable morsels with walnut sauce.